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About Sparks Estate
Cheshire Home
Sparks Estate Cheshire Home situated at 145 Mary Road Sydenham.

is a registered welfare residential facility providing residential care for 60 severely mentally & physically disabled residents. The home was established in 1979 and is in existance for 40 years providing residential care for residents from all communities in the region of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. It currently houses 48 residents.

The activities for our residents

Our home participates in Special Stimulation programmes. The residents participate in ten-pin bowling, races, gymnastics and soccer as stimulation activities. Some received certificates for their performances. The staff have been trained by University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Physio Therapy Department to provide passive occupational therapy to the residents. The recreation room is equipped with T.V viewing and music stimulation for use by the residents. Water therapy is also available to our residents under the professional supervision of trained volunteers, our volunteer water therapist at our private pool that is situated on our premises. Our residents are treated to birthday parties and Christmas parties fully sponsored by donors.

Every week some of our residents are transported to local parks and venues, for various programmes and supervised activities. Thanks to the National Lottery distribution fund we now have our very own Edu-care Stimulation room, and a 15-seater bus, which is modified with a wheelchair hoist. Repairs, renovations and painting of the buildings have been completed, but there are always, electrical and plumbing repairs to be done.

Mr Grant from "Made for More" visits the Home on a weekly basis to join in a game of Boccia, a game for stimulation to the residents.