To provide care & support services which empower persons with disabilities

A society where persons with disabilities have equal opportunities free of discrimination & prejudice

To alleviate discrimination against persons with disabilities. To provide early childhood development. To support economic empowerment. To develop independent living opportunities. To promote service user participation in service development.
Sparks Estate
Cheshire Home
is a registered welfare residential facility providing residential care for 60 severely mentally & physically disabled residents. The home was established in 1979 and is in existance for 40 years providing residential care for residents from all communities in the region of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. It currently houses 48 residents.
Cheshire Prayer
We ask thee Lord, to bless our meeting today. Give us a spirit of understanding and respect for the views of those who differ from us. Guide our hearts and minds, so that all our decisions may be for the greater good of those whom we ask to serve.